Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hair care: Sun, Skin & Swimming...

It's getting hot outside for most of us and we can't wait to pack the cooler, the bathing suits, the car and hit the road to jump into the water! Whether it's the pool, beach, lake, even enjoying the outdoors in the sun...there are some things that you can do to intercept some of the damaging things that can affect the hair & body.

Chlorine & Salt Water- Chlorine & Salt can cause so much damage to the hair. One of the ways to protect the hair before getting into the pool is to wet the hair prior to going in. Remember that the hair is like a sponge and will absorb what you put on it. And since the hair is already wet prior to getting in, the chlorine will not have much room to get in.  It will penetrate LESS into the hair. Another thing that has worked with our Curly Gurlz is to saturate the hair with conditioner prior to getting into the pool.  It is also important to wash the hair right away and not let the chlorine or salt dry.

Hats- Hats can and will protect the hair from the harsh heat and rays from the sun. Extreme exposure to the heat without any protection can cause the hair to become extremely dry and brittle over time. Put that hat on!  They are stylish and so much fun!

Sunscreen- This is important for the skin and to protect it from burns and other damaging affects in the future. The skin is the largest organ on our bodies.  And just as it protects our internal organs from the elements, it would be good to protect it too so it can do it's work for us.  Another affect the skin have is that it regulates our body temperature in the summer.  When it gets hot, it responds by releasing/secreting sweat through the sweat glands to help cool the body. 

There are many misconceptions about certain skin tones/shades out there in regards to the use and non use of sunscreen.  No matter what skin tone/shade you are, sunscreen is a must for everyone!  Protect your skin. 

Swimming Caps - Swim caps help in reducing the amount of water that goes into the hair.  Personally, it does not prevent water from wetting the hair, but it will not saturated.  The less chlorinated or salted water that is exposed to the hair, the better.  For some, it may be uncomfortable to wear, but it does it's job.  Swim caps are good for those that swim almost every day.

Conditioner- .  Washing with a moisturizing conditioner into the hair atleast 1-2 times a week will help with restoring moisture in the hair that may have been lost during the grueling heat from the sun and the water. Leave-in Conditioners work great in the summer and there are some out there that do have sunscreen in them

Heat- Not only does the heat from the sun can damage the hair, but heat sources like the blow dryer, flat irons and such can also take a toll too.  Trying to do more styles where you can air dry will keep the hair from getting hit so many times with heat.  Too much heat will and can damage the hair and cause slow breakage where length will be difficult to retain.

Protective styles - Protective styling are hair styles that keep the hair off the shoulders. Children get irritated easily especially in the hot heat. There are plenty of styles you can do with your Curly Gurl'z hair that will keep from tickling their skin, but also help in keeping the hair ends protected too. Protected ends equals retaining length.  The styles are can refer to one of our tabs with plenty of photos for inspiration!

Moisturize, moisturize & moisturize! 
Try not to get too worked up or overly concerned about your Curly Gurlz getting their hair wet. If their hair comes in contact with chlorine just be sure to do a good wash (with a non drying clarifying or non chelating shampoo) and condition once the fun has ended for the day. Deep conditioning throughout the week will be beneficial as well. This is good for those who are frequent swimmers. If you don't have a clarifying shampoo you can add baking soda to your shampoo. This will help remove some of the chlorine from her hair. If you plan to spend the day outdoors or at the beach apply Sesame oil. It is a natural blocker of UV rays. Most importantly relax, make plenty of cherishable memories and HAVE FUN!!
And don't forget to drink plenty of water!

(Everything on BCG's blog is for informational purposes only, we are not experts and suggest taking and using information at your own discretion.)


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  2. @ DevineFox...
    We definitely agree! All those factors do play a huge role! Thanks so much for posting additional info :-)