Thursday, March 31, 2011


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~Blessings to you,

Sdestra & BlessedMomOf3

How Did Sdestra & BlessedMomOf3 meet?

We both met on Fotki (Photo Sharing Site) back at the end of 2007.  The both of us were on our own hair journies, still are and encouraged each other along the way.  Our priority was and is always health.  We never set a goal as far as length because we know that will follow.  Although we are miles away, we always had a connection as if we were sisters.  And we are sisters in Christ!   We always stayed connected and encouraged one another in many aspects of our lives.  From hair to rearing our children.  One of us has relaxed hair and the other natural hair.  That didn't stop us from being who we TRULY are to one another.  There is more to being friends than just hair.  And real friends will always be there for you and tell you the truth...not what you want to hear.  Cherish the ones that you click with, you never know where the path God created will take you and that person.  We are truly blessed that we know each other.  Our friendship has allowed us to come together to share our knowledge and journey with you!  We are still learning and by no means think we are experts... but why not help... hair care is not and should not be a secret... EVER!  Thank you so much for following our blog and subscribing to our YouTube Channel!  God bless you all!