Products and Regimens

(coarse, thick natural hair
- different ranges in the 4 hair type category)
~Blessed Curly Gurl of Sdestra~

Shampoo once a month:
*Kids Organics Shea Butter Conditioning Shampoo with 100% Coconut oil

Conditioners used after Shampoo & Cowashes 1-2x per week:
*Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner
* Aussie Moist Conditioner

*100% Unrefined African Shea Butter
*100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Haitian Castor Oil & Shea Butter Mix (Home made)

Drying & Styling:
* Air dry in large twists before styling
Styling – Hair puff ponytail, Cornrows, twists, small plaits

Gels used for various styles
*Flax seed home made gel *Fantasia IC Gel, *EcoStyler Gel

Misc. Items:
*Satin Pillow Case, *Nylon stocking leg, *Goody Ouchless Bands
*Rat tail comb for hair sectioning, *Wide tooth comb, *Soft Boar Bristle Hair Brush

*Hair styled every 1-2 weeks, *Hair ends moisturized almost daily,
* Hair washed in 4 sections, *Hair detangled with conditioner


AngelzCurlz & JoifulzCurlz
(Combination of 3b & 3c Natural Hair) 
~Blessed Curly Gurlz of BlessedMomOf3~

~ Current Hair Products~

-"EVERYDAY SHEA" Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner
-Homemade Flaxseed Gel or Aubrey Organics B5 Gel (puffs, slicked edges)
-100% Unrefined Shea Butter and Coconut/Jojoba/EVO Oil (whipped together) for Twists and Twist Outs

* 2-3x's per week massage their scalp with jojoba & extra virgin olive oils (mixed together and applied with an applicator bottle)*

*I co-wash once every 1-2 weeks and allow their hair to airdry in jumbo twists, a low pony puff or under a towel turbon. I moisturize their scalp with my jojoba & evoo combo.  I apply coconut oil/shea butter/evoo combo to their damp hair as it airdries and typically style after it is fully dry unless i want them to wear a pony or puff.*

~I try to style their hair once every 1-2 weeks.  With twists I can easily get 3-5 week styles.

~ Popular styles: Twists, Cornrows & Puffs


  1. Oh ok this may sound like a dumb question but what is a co-wash? Cause I'm really taking notes here :)

  2. Co-wash is when you use conditioner to wash your hair the same as you would use shampoo.

  3. Keisha, thanks so much for replying to Erica. Yes, a co-wash is a conditioner only wash. The reason why we do co-washes is because by using conditioner only it doesn't strip the hair of it's natural oils (like most shampoo's can). Here's a tip: when you either shampoo or co-wash your daughters hair you can leave a little conditioner in their hair while you let it air dry. This will give the hair some extra moisture :). I hope this helps. There's no question that's too simple for anyone to ask. We don't know all the answers but we will try to help and support one another the best we can :).

  4. Wonderful blog ! Congrats ladies ! i am proud, be all blessed :-)

  5. @ Nunaa! Thanks so much for your support sweetie!

  6. Lovely Blog!! Thanks for all this information!

  7. @ ARS, Thanks for stopping by! We are so glad that you found the info on this blog to be beneficial. There's more to come :)

  8. love this site very informational new to blog thing

  9. My baby is 8 months old hair is very dry. I feel bad but I moisture his hair everyday. Are these products good for babies also?

  10. @ Kala...
    My son is currently 4.5 months old and what I use in in his hair is basically Baby Magic Body & Hair Wash and moisturize his hair hair with 100% shea butter. It keeps his hair moisturized for the most part. But being that he lays on sheets, it does dry his hair. And at his age, pillows (with a satin case) are not recommended to be slept on to avoid SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Your son is still young and probably hasn't grown out his true hair texture yet and this could be frustrating when using products because his hair is slowly changing. Personally, I would stick to natural products for now. It seems as though the hair stays moisturized a bit longer than using "regular" products. I haven't tried using any products on his hair because of the prior experience with my daughter MadiMelz' hair before I started her hair journey. Hope this information helps some. What types of products are you using for his hair?
    (-response from Sdestra who has a 4.5 month old son)

  11. quick question.... I see a few ref's to the satin pillow case, I have my own curly girl who is 5 and has very healthy long hair. Which is normally styles in cornrows of twisted pony tails, what is the purpose of the satin pillow case?

  12. @ Genesis' Mom, the benefits of sleeping on a satin pillow case/or using a satin bonnet are as follows:
    ~ It helps protect your hair from excess friction or rubbing on cotton pillow cases that can sometimes lead to breakage, thinning or dry hair.
    ~ Minimizes hair matting.
    ~ Extends the life of your hairstyle and may reduce the amount of time you spend on doing your hair (makes it last longer)
    ~ Helps to prevent skin breakouts (cotton pillow cases absorb hair products that can cause a skin breakout). Satin pillow cases help avoid that.
    ~ Satin pillow cases provide a smooth surface for your strands to slide with ease. This helps to prevent tangling and snagging.
    ~ Helps maintain the moisture balance in your hair.
    So, as you can see there are many benefits to sleeping on a satin pillow case or sleeping with a satin bonnet. You may not see the benefits immediately but in the long run it proves to be best for the hair. I hope this helps.

  13. Just found this site today, I myself just started my hair journey b/c I have a 3 year old with curly hair that is dry and wont grow now I see due to cotton pillow on both are parts. I have been natural 4 months almost now. I am going to stay on your site asking questions about my little one. I just started a regime yesterday in both are hair b/c I knew nothing about hair, but slowly learning. Thank you ladies for this b/c mommies like me need help from others that have learned.

  14. Hi! Thanks for stopping by our page. I too was inspired to go natural & to start my hair care regimen (for both me and my girls) because of them. Our goal of starting this blog was to share whatever information, styles and tips we could with our followers. We are so happy to hear that you have been able to benefit from the information we have provided. We welcome your questions and comments. We will do our best to answer them for you!!!

  15. Hi Ladies, I noticed neither of you use a water based moisturizer is there a reason why.I'm currently using the Kids Organics moisturizer but I'm not completely in love with it.Have you had better results without the use of a water based moisturizer.

  16. Hi ladies,

    I have been on my hair journey for about 7 months now and I am transitioning out of a relaxer. My husband has joint custody with his ex, so "our" daughter is staying with us for the next year or so. She has extremely coarse hair, so I believe she is in the 4bcd range. I found your site and I am amazed at the pictures and healthy growth of your daughters. Just beautiful.

    I co-wash my hair, 1-2 times a week; however, my hair is 3c for the most part (I have multiple textures). I see that you can get 3-5 weeks from her twists. Right now, I am washing, deep conditioning and steaming (behuetiful) my daughter's hair weekly. I am hung up on ingredients (no mineral oils, parabens and sulfates) so her shampoo is really a conditioning shampoo.

    When you cowash Madimelzcurlz (when twisted or braided) do you leave her twists in?

  17. @ Scrock...
    Thanks for viewing our BCG's regimens. We have always focused on what works for our children's hairs and keep those products. We try and observe what a product(s) does and decide if it is a keeper or not. Of course, we would not want any harsh chemicals in our hair products, but we haven't put ourselves in a position YET, to use certain products because it may have proteins, are water based products, and etc. I used to use the Kids' Organic Moisturizer on my daughter (MadiMelzCurlz) which did work nicely. I made a shea butter mix that worked better for her hair as far as moisturizing and maintaining health. Basically, using almost all-natural moisturizers seemed a lot better than the KO product for HER hair. BlessedMomOf3 uses all natural hair products for her girls and it has worked great for them. She also has an all natural hair gel she made herself that gave amazing results to twist outs on her daughters' hair and hers. Finding and sticking to what works seems to be the way we base our regimens for our daughters. Hope this answers your questions. God bless!


  18. @ mscita2...
    So glad you found our site! When I co-wash MadiMel'z hair, I do so while her hair is in braids, cornrows and/or twists. I don't use any vigorous motions or rubbing when washing. I massage the conditioner on the scalp and move down the length of her hair. When rinsing the conditioner out, it is more about squeezing and rinsing downwards. After that process, I moisturize the sections of hair depending on the direction of where it is going. Lastly, I smooth the edges lightly with gel and a brush, then tie it with a scarf. I will have a video in the future on that process.
    I hope this answered your questions. Good luck with your "daughter" and it's great to know that you are taking the time to care for her hair. God bless you! By the way, since you are transitioning and close to the hair texture BlessedMomOf3 has, you can probably get some tips from her. Take care!

    - Sdestra (Mom to MadiMelzCurlz - 4b hair)

  19. Sdestra, thank you so much for responding. I am excited about sharing this journey with Brie and absolutely love the time you and BlessedMomof3 has devoted to sharing your experience with all parents. May God continue to bless you all.

  20. hello i have a couple of questions, my daughter has hair exactly like madimelzcurlz and i was wondering how ofter do you cowash her hair and the 3 moisturizers you use do you just mix them all together and put it in a jar?

  21. also one more question where do you purchase the shea butter, coconut oil and castor oil? online or in stores or beuty supplies?

  22. Hi this is a wonderful blog God bless you for sharing your tips and ideas. I have a two year old and am trying to grow her hair, just wanted to know if there was any growth hair products you used on your daughters.


  23. HHi! 
    You have beautiful girls! My 16 month old daughter has 3b hair and I have been using Shea Moisture moisturizing/conditioning shampoo and Kinky Curly's Knot today as a leave-in/detangler once a week. I'll plait it and let it air-dry. I use olive oil & water everyday and Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie at night before I plait it. She sleeps on a piece of satin. She wears a variety of ponytail styles to give the edges a break from being constantly pulled in the same direction...however, I'm noticing that her edges are breaking all around her head. I've just started to experiment with cornrolls as she won't sit still long enough to do her whole head. My questions: why do you shampoo everyday? How do I know if I need to shampoo everyday? Did your daughters experience breakage (especially around this age), if so, how did you remedy it? What were some of your "go-to" styles when they were this little?

    Thanks for this your help & this site!
    Madi's mommy

  24. Hi Madi's Mommy!

    Thank you so much for reading our blog! And for the compliments on our (BlessedMomOf3 & I) girls' hairs.

    The breakage of the edges you mentioned most likely have to do with the ponytail styles you have done on her head. If you are brushing the edges constantly and pulling the hair firmly or tight to have that "sleek" look, that can pull her edges out over time. Your products do sound fine for they do have mostly natural ingredients.

    When conrowing her hair, take breaks in between. A 16 month old or even a 7 year old will become impatient and have a short attention span if they are sitting for a long period of time. Also give her things for entertainment. A book to look at, watching a show/movie. Consider styles that will last a week or two so you don't have to comb her hair often. And also, come up with styles that take less time to put together. While you want to nurse her edges back to optimum health and gain/retain fullness, keep her edges moisturized. If you are doing ponytails, be sure to use a soft brush. If gel is used to lay the edges, be aware of ingredients that can cause the hair to harden and dry out. That too can cause slow breakage. Hair accessories; try not to put them on tightly and becareful with the ones that have metal connectors. Over time, they cause hair breakage if used too much.

    We were fortunate enough to learn how to care for our girls' hairs before we reached to that point of broken hair edges. With my personal experience, my daughter's edges were a little thin when she was younger. She didn't have much visible breakage. When I started her hair journey, I did my research on what to do to care for her hair, which is basically the information I had provided above.

    Between BlessedMomOf3 and I, we do not wash our daughters' hairs everyday. There isn't anything listed that indicates such. Maybe a 1-2 cowashes (washing the hair with conditioner) per week or randomly. I personally shampoo my daughter's hair (MadiMelzCurlz) only once a month.

    Shampooing the hair everyday will cause dryness and accelerate the breakage process too.

    Our go to styles are mainly twists and cornrows. We both have a combined photo album of different styles if you click on the link for "Styles" on the top of our blog page.

    Hope that this info helps you. Take care and God bless!

    (Mom to MadiMelzCurlz - 4b coarse hair)

    1. Thanks for your response! I see where I errored in the everyday's "everyday Shea"! I couldn't see it clearly through the background. Sorry. One last question... Since my daughters hair is so fine and curly, I need something to put on it to make all the fly aways lay down and cornrolls last for more than 4 days. Is this when you use the aubry organics or homemade flaxseed gel? How do you make that?