Monday, October 24, 2011

Winter Hair Care Tips

MadiMelzCurlz at 5 months old (2005)
As the seasons change, the way we dress, our activities and even our diet changes too. With these few adjustments we would want to also consider maintaining the health of the hair. Wanting the hair to stay healthy is one thing, but doing something about it is another. Consistency and patience are key to a successful hair journey. While we may have great products that cater to our hair needs, we also need to adjust to our environments to maintain our hair’s health.

Here are some tips that can benefit yours and your Blessed Curl Gurl’z hairs to maintain healthy hair:

1. Deep Condition/ Cowash more often – Many of our workplaces, schools, homes are heated with artificial heat and can therefore dry the hair along the cold brisk air outside. Our hair thrives when it is well moisturized. Shampooing less and Conditioning/cowashing more will keep the moisture the hair needs to withstand the changes to the environment. After shampooing, sometimes there is a stripping feeling to the hair where you will definitely need to follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.

2. Wash-N-Go’s – Many love the “Wash-‘N-Go’s" or wearing the hair slightly damp and it is simply simple. Let us remind ourselves that one can get extremely sick by wearing their hair wet while being outside in the cold. Another reason why you would not want to do a Wash ‘N Go would be the experience of the hair freezing and easily breaking.

3. Hair Breakage – During the winter we wear scarves, hats and sweaters that are made with fabrics such as wool. For example, wool tends to dry out the tresses and also pull on the hair causing slow breakage. The areas that tend to get affected the most are the edges and the nape of the neck. To avoid these types of problems, you can line the hat with a satin or silk fabric as a barrier to protect the hair. If you’re not crafty, you can simply tie a scarf around the head prior to putting on the hat. Putting the hair up while wearing a scarf will also aid in keeping the hair healthy. The more protected the hair, the less damage.

 4. Protective styling – The hair will not rub as much on the sweaters that will cause hair dryness. Tucking your hair ends away during the harsh weather season will keep your hair from damage while staying moisturized. Not to mention that they are beautiful, you can also have fun with different styles to enhance the beauty of your hair.

5. Oils – BlessedMomOf3 and I use oils on our Blessed Curly Gurlz’ hairs, scalps and skin. We massage certain oils on their scalps, mix it with their shampoos and/or conditioners and use it as a daily moisturizer to help seal in the moisture their hair needs to stay healthy. Not only do oils moisturize the hair and body, but different ones do have several beneficial factors. Research the oils to see what best fits your healthy hair and skin needs.

6. Hair Products– In some cases, you may have to use a product that will do a lot for the hair this winter season. Something that may have been a bit too much for the summer but great for the winter. Other cases, you may just have to use more of the products you already consume to balance the amount of needed moisture.

7. Using less heat to NO heat – Using heat will help the cold air cause more dryness to the hair. We barely use heat to no heat on our daughters’ hair and rely mostly on protective styles such as our favorites: Twists, cornrows and plaits/braids.

8. Moisture, moisture and moisture – Moisturizing the hair is not just limited to the summer, but also recommended for the winter too. As mentioned before, between the extreme temperatures of the indoors and outdoors, moisturizing enough will help the hair to stay protected.

9. Stick to what works for you – There are several ideas when it comes to hair care. But remember to always stick to what works for you! Your hair will be happy and stay healthy.

Have a wonderful and safe winter. We hope that these tips benefit your Blessed Curly Gurl(z) and you too!

Post by Sdestra,

Mom to MadiMelzCurlz