Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hair Types, Textures and Curl Patterns

Blog Post By: The Blessed Mom Of 3 (mom to AngelzCurlz & JoifulzCurlz)

Many people ask the question "What is my hair type?" at some point during their hair journey. There are so many articles, charts, pictures and etc... about hair typing that can be quite confusing and a bit overwhelming. Here's what hair typing is in a nutshell...

The Hair Type Classification System was started by Andre Walker (worked on the Oprah Show). He is basically categorizing curly hair and placing it into different hair types. The hair type classifications range from 1-4, "a-c".  Hair Type is not the same as Hair Texture. However, your hair texture & curl pattern are used to determine your Hair Type.  Knowing your hair type can equip you with the knowledge about the products that work best for your hair as well as styles, hair care tips and recommendations for all curly hair types.
We used this system in determining our Blessed Curly Gurl'z Hair Types and put together this detailed video to break it down for you.
For more information in determining both you and your Blessed Curly Gulrz' hair type check out
I hope this information is helpful. Feel free to leave any questions or comments.
~blessings to you