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  1. I am so enjoying your blog, glad i found it!:-)
    Thanks for everything!

  2. @ Briddie....You're welcome and please come by often!

  3. when i cowash my little ones hair how do i know how often to do and do i use conditioner every time?

  4. Hi! Co washing our BCG's hair has worked well for us. I (I think Sdestra may do this as well) normally co wash my daughters' hair once a week. They mostly wear protective styles (twists, braids, cornrows, buns) which don't require tons of product. The only product I reapply throughout the week is my shea butter mix/oils on their ends and on their scalps. If you find that your daughter has a lot of product (or product buildup) on her scalp and hair then you may need to co wash more often. You can also shampoo if that doesn't work. I usually shampoo their hair every 2-3 weeks for a good deep cleansing. Yes, co washing is washing with conditioner only... it cleanses the hair without stripping it of it's natural oils. I hope that helps...