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We feel so blessed to have a platform to showcase our ‘BlessedCurlyGurlz’ and offer our tools, tips and information with you all. We ARE NOT professional stylists nor do we claim that any of the products and techniques will work exactly the same for you. We are just ordinary moms who love to care for our daughters hair. You are free to gather as much information as you desire. However, we kindly ask that you do not copy/remove any pictures from our blog without our consent. Thank you in advance for respecting our privacy request.

Hair Journey
(Natural Hair)

Sdestra's Hair Journey
(Relaxed Hair)

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  1. Thanks so much for creating this blog! I am currently in the beginning stages of my own healthy hair journey and am looking for things to do to take better care of my daughter's hair (she's 2). These hairstyles are adorable!

  2. You're welcome hun! We want to help our fellow moms to care for their daughters' hairs. And being that she is still young, there is so much you can learn and be armed with so much knowledge. And it's even better when you do the journey with her! Stay blessed and definitely stay tuned!

  3. I will definetely encourage other mothers with kids to visit ur blog also, cos they can learn a lot from it. I love the way all ur girls hair looks so healthy too. Do you trim their hair also? Cos if so, we would like to see a tutorial about it, since its so important to trim hair, we would like to do it in the right way!

  4. @Sdestra hey, it's been awhile...this is Angie aka Angiesfreedom from Fotki. Girl, i remember that picture of your hair(the bob)in your avi i came running over to your fotki.It reminded me of back in the day when i use to rock that same haircut.Wonderful growth! @Blessedmomof3 heeeey, wow your has grown so much. them waves got me sea sick over here in Cali, lol! what ever your doing keep it up. @SdestraandBlessedmomof3 you two ladies have a head of beautiful healthy hair...INSRIRATIONAL!!!