Thursday, July 25, 2013

Product Review on "Swim Spray"

With the summer season here and in full swing, we head out to the pools/beach to relieve ourselves from the sweltering heat.  And mainly to have fun!

But for many of us, we are concerned with the amount of chlorine in the pools that can have negative affects on our skin and hair.   Especially our children who will only come out of the pool if we demand them to. 

Chlorine can have negative effects to the hair, such as; brittle, dry, smelly and leave it discolored over time. There are swimmer's shampoos that claim to remove chlorine from the hair. 

Recently, we were sent a product called Swim Spray, that says it removes chlorine odor and irritation.

Swim Spray is an all natural product and claims to remove chlorine from the hair safely. The only two active ingredients are, Vitamin C and Water.  That is it!  And I am assuming that is why it would be a better alternative to a swimmer's shampoo that contain several ingredients.

Upon receiving the product, I opened the container and smelled it.  And to my surprise, it had NO SCENT AT ALL!!!  No lingering scent...nothing whatsoever.  I was really impressed right there. 

My daughter, MadiMel has been swimming for several years and now diving.  She is in the pool very often and with the amounts of chlorine usually in it, it can affect her.  Using a swimming cap helps, but the hair still gets wet.  She has natural, chemical-free, coarse hair.

My usual and normal routine for her is to: wet and saturate the hair with a light conditioner.  The method I use leaves for less absorption of the pool water by the hair.

So I decided to test Swim Spray without doing my usual method on a few occasions.  She went into the pool and swam for at least an hour each time we tested the product.  I usually go to the local aquatic center where the chlorine content is high and also at our community pool, which also have moderate to high amounts too.

There are only three steps to follow when using Swim Spray:

1. Rinse hair after swimming.
2. Use Swim Spray, generously on the hair.
3. Shampoo as normal, etc.

Courtesy: Swim Spray


I rinsed MadiMel's hair off after she left the pool which still left a lingering scent of chlorine.  I sprayed a generous amount of the Swim Spray on her hair which were in twists, section by section. Then shampooed/conditioned her hair.  Her hair did not have a chlorine sent at all, and I know at times, after shampooing, etc., sometimes there is still an smell.   A few times using the spray, I could not tell the difference because some days, the pool was not highly chlorinated.  But I can say that her hair was not left feeling unusually dry, even after shampooing.

I would recommend this product for anyone that goes swimming often and are avid swimmers.  I am also guessing that it works for all hair types and textures, so any one can use it.  The product is odorless, has only two natural ingredients, clear like water,and very simple to use.
There are several reviews you can check out on their site.

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Thank you for reading and God Bless!

Sdestra, mom to MadiMel