Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My BCG's are M.A.T.U.R.I.N.G !!!

It’s been a while since we’ve last posted a blog entry on our page.  Life has been crazy busy with my BCG’s so time has been limited.  These days, my BCG’s have their schedules full with Soccer, church activities, school and their “Social” calenders!! Joifulzcurlz (my soon to be 8yr old) has become such a social butterfly that her schedule has become challenging to keep up with.  She just went to her first sleep over after weeks of hubby & I debating whether or not to let her go.  She had an absolutely wonderful time and is now asking to have one of her own. 

She is really into fashionable clothing, shoes, jewelry and requesting hairstyles that she can style on her own.  Here lately, 2 strand twists/rope twists and braids have been at the top of her list!!  She likes wearing them because she can choose how she’d like to wear them on any given day. 
Her styles include: Pony Tails (one on each side, a single pony, a high/low pony or side pony), Half up/Half down styles, a twisted bun with a few twists hanging to the side or a few hanging in the front. 

These twists & braids have kept the hair arguments at bay and they give me extra time to focus on AngelzCurlz (4yr old) and her style requests.  Yes, she seems to be following in the steps of her big sis.  The good thing is that she mostly wants to wear twists or braids just like her big sister.  JoifulzCurlz is always excited about styling her baby sister’s hair so that’s a win for me once again :-).

I am finding that the older they get, the more opinionated they’ve become.  They like the fact that I actually listen to them (most days) when they want to make a styling suggestion.  I’m happy, if they’re happy.  I am coming to terms with the fact that Joifulzcurlz is maturing.  The days of wearing bows & barrettes, flower accessories and beads are far gone.  She likes to keep it simple, yet stylish… she even says “no” to wash n go’s and she gives me an “I don’t know” when I ask if she’d like to wear a twist out, lol. 

Who knows what this next year will bring for her?  I know that she will soon experience some physical changes and began to have questions about them as she feels ready to do so.  I think that it is important that I take the time to embrace those changes (emotionally, physically, intellectually & spiritually) and build on our mother/daughter relationship. I have started to take more interests in those things that are important to her (hair, fashion, friendships, sports) just to lay the foundation for those things that are yet to come. 

Are any of you going through this phase with your BCG’s?  If so, what has worked for you?  Have you found it hard to adjust to your BCG’s as they mature and go through their stages?  I guess I’d better get used to it and enjoy the ride… for now.  These days they just seem to grow up much too soon...
~TheBlessedMomOf3 (mom to AngelzCurlz & JoifulzCurlz)