Monday, June 20, 2011

Protective Hair Styles

We believe that protective hairstyles are essential for hair retention and can ultimately give you the added benefit of hair growth.  Protective styling helps to prevent breakage since your hair may be breaking off faster than it grows. What protective styles do is keep your ends "protected."

When wearing protective styles, be sure that your ends are put away and that you moisturize your ends at least 3 times per week.  Moisturizing and sealing your ends helps to protect your hair from shedding and dryness. 

Try any of these protective styles and see if you experience more hair retention.  But please be patient, things do not happen over night :-).  Taking pictures from time to time of your Curly Gurlz' hair progress will help you compare progression. 

~ BUNS: This is a simple style that works for any occasion, especially dressy or formal ones. All you need are bobbypins and/or an elastic/ouchless band. Buns work on relaxed and natural hair with a relative amount of ease. You can part your hair down the center or on one side if you prefer.  Feel free to add hair accessories such as flowers, a decorated barrette, clip on hair bows or head bands to give it that added touch.

~ 2 STRAND TWISTS/FLAT TWISTS:  This is a very popular protective style that we love to do on our BCG's.  It is not only simple and durable but it is quite versatile and can be worn for any occasion. Twists work best on natural hair because it gives the hair a better hold without unraveling. They work for children and for adults.  The variety of ways in which they are worn give you fashionable styles while still protecting your delicate ends.

~ BRAIDS: You can either braid, cornrow or do a combination of both on your daughter's hair. Wearing this protective style also gives you versatility and longevity. You can easily get 2-4 weeks of wear out of this simple, low maintenance style. Like twists, braids can also be worn for a variety of occasions and worn fashionably with added accessories. You still need to care for your hair and scalp while you're wearing them. So be sure to moisturize and protect your hair by wrapping it in a scarf every night. And to keep the hair looking fresh after it starts to look a little can moisturize the edges and use a light gel to smooth the hair and tie it down with a scarf.

~ CORNROWS: The cornrow hairstyle involves braiding the hair very close to the scalp. Cornrows come in a variety of designs and are worn on both your hair and your daughter's. One of the advantages of cornrows is that they allow the hair to be worn long, without the requirement of chemical treatments to keep it under control.   Cornrows can provide many benefits such as length retention, hair protection and offer many style possibilities. They are quick and simple to do and allow an endless amount of creativity. They can be dressed up or add color coordination by adding hair accessories such as beads, flowers, head bands, barrettes and etc... But be sure not to braid too tight, this can cause too much tension to the scalp and hair being pulled.

Other protective hairstyles include bantu knots, box braids, banding, african threading, low pony's (with your ends tucked away) and weaves/extensions/clip on pony's and etc...  We personally do not use weaves or extensions on our BCG's hair simply because of personal preferences.  We have found that the use of the protective styles previously listed have been beneficial in providing them with healthy hair.  Protective styling can be considered as styles that don't require so much work and mostly protect the hair ends.  For more pictures of these type of styles please click on the tabs "Styles" and "Braids/Twists" on the right and you will be directed to a variety of pictures.

Feel free to share your ideas !!


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