Friday, June 24, 2011

Virtual Play Date!!!

We have been invited to a play date hosted by Kandy over at Kandy Land Kurls & by a participant, A Mother's Love.

Thanks so much for including us and allowing us to join in on your playdate.

We must list 10 facts about our little ones to share with everyone else. This is a shared blog that consists of 3 BlessedCurlyGurlz so we will each share some facts about them, separately.

(Mom to AngelzCurlz & JoifulzCurlz)
I will share 5 facts about each one of my daughters!
AngelzCurlz (age 4)
1. She has so much personality but you would never know it because she rarely speaks to anyone outside of Hubby and I.
2. She spent a year in preschool and did not say a word to her teacher the entire
3. She loves to sing, dance and put on a show for her siblings.
4. She could write her name, her siblings names and correctly spell up to 10 words  before she turned 4!
5. Her favorite food is Lasagna and her favorite snack is carrots :)

JoifulzCurlz (age 7)
1. She has no idea how atheletic she is! She has a natural talent for basketball, gymnastics, track, tennis and soccer. She's better than most boys her age and a few years older.
2. She loves to read chapter books (Junie B Jones is her favorite)
3. She has tons of energy and hits the growund running from sunrise to sunset.
4. She's very outgoing and loves to make others laugh.
5. She loves to sing and go to church :)

(mom to MadiMelzCurlz age 6)
1. She loves to read her Bible (The Sweetest Story Bible).
2. She loves to dance and recently performed in a recital.
3. You can hear her sing her heart out and she can hit those notes!
4. She understands more than she speaks French-Creole (Haitian Language).
5. Extremely active in everything that requires physical energy.
6. She loves her grandfather to pieces! (My father)
7. Adores her baby brother and thinks I don't know what I'm doing.
8. She wants me to cut her hair because it's too
9. She loves Haitian, Thai, Indian & Mexican foods (I cook them all).
10. She loves to talk A LOT and will have a full blown conversation with anyone for atleast an hour.

To join the play date, post 10 facts about your little one/ones in the comment section below. If you have a blog, post 10 things about your child/children. Next thank and link back to the person who invited you to the play date and invite a few other blogs to participate in the online play date!

We would like to invite: Mochamom (Cherish My Daughter)


  1. Aww that was great reading about your 3 curly girls! Im going to post this and show my daughter tomorrow. Thanks so much for participating!

  2. When you get a achance please stop by my blog and take a look in the sunshine award, you have won an award!

  3. Stopping by to show Momma Hope some <3 !

    xoxo Bunz

  4. Hey Girl! Thanks for showing me some love! Right back atcha!!! I didn't know you had a blog!!! On my way over!