Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Patience With Hair (Tips & Ideas)

 We do get frustrated at times, especially when we are first starting a healthy hair journey for our Curly Gurlz.
The more you take your time, the less time you waste.  Many of us get frustrated with so many different things.  Among them are of course, the hair.  Whether it's our own or our child's(children's) hair, we tend to sit there and rack our brains to figure out how to style it.  Sometimes we do so many hairstyles that we forget them. Here are some ideas to help you with your frustrations that has helped us along the way.  And please, by all means, share what works for you when it comes to styling!

Some ideas & tips:

~ Keep in mind that you will not produce your best work when you're frustrated.  It is important that you set aside some quality time for tedious hair styles... especially if you are trying a style for the first time :).  When you're caring for natural hair, you really need to be as gentle with the hair as possible.  You want to avoid ripping and pulling the hair apart. This not only causes more frustration but it can lead to breakage, shedding, split ends, hair loss, an irritated scalp and much more. 

~ It is beneficial/healthy for the hair when you style your Curly Gurlz' hair while in its damp/wet state.  This helps the hair to become more manageable and less tangled.  Be very careful not to over manipulate the hair (do excess combing/brushing) so that retention and growth will not be compromised.

~ A great idea is to have your Curly Gurl(z) watch a favorite show or movie, read a book or indulge themselves in a handheld game.  That usually keeps them distracted while you work on their tresses.

~ Find styles that you can recycle!  You can twist or do individual braids on the hair.  For a few days, you can have it out.  Next, you can put it all in a ponytail.  Half in a pony and the back half down.  If the hair is in twists, you can just unravel the twists and wear a beautiful twist out. 

~ Take pictures of the styles as you do them.  They can help later if you're stumped on a hair do.  And if you see one that you like, take note of that style to reference back to, so you can try it out.

~ Try not to get complicated with a hairstyle especially if it's the day of a special occasion and you want to do something fancy.  If time allows you, do it the night before...that way you can correct a mistake and/or decide on a different hairstyle.  And what helps with a simple style is when that moment comes to get dressed and the style says "no", you can quickly do another hairstyle that will not leave you flustered and in dispair.

~ Sometimes the simplest styles are the ones that stand out.  Remember, you can also accessorize the hair with beautiful flowers, barrettes, bows and clips.

~ Find a regimen that works.  A regimen does not have to be complicated.  It can be as simple as a wash, cowash, conditioning, moisturizing and styling.  That's it!

~ Start combing from the bottom up.  Starting from the top may and will cause the tangles to compress and cause a tangled mess.  Then you will go through the daunting task of tedious detangling, hair breakage and hair knotting (knots in the hair is a form of split ends).

~ Keep the ends moisturized.  If you have the hair out in braids, twists, wash/gos and even a style that allows the hair to flow freely, be sure to moisturize the hair.  Especially the ends.  This will help retain the length of your Curly Gurl'z hair and when it comes to detangling, it will not be as annoying.

~ And let us not forget that sometimes the Curly Gurl wants to play in her hair!  Sometimes they can wreak havoc and cause some damage.  Especially if she loves her hairstyle or feels that she wants to make it look a certain way.  Now, let's calm down, you know our Curly Gurlz want to be and feel independent!  We can sit with them and have a part in what they want their hair to look like.  Encourage them to watch you when you style, by sitting in front of a mirror.  Ask them what they would like their hair to look like.  You can also get a doll's head for them to practice some techniques that you've used on their hair.  Teach them some braiding techniques (if it's possible depending on their age), how to moisturize their ends, and show them the products and what it is used for.  Educating them will help the Curly Gurl have a better understanding on what is going on. And to encourage them to keep their hair healthy and beautiful.

Don't forget to remind them how beautiful they are as a whole.  They will appreciate who they are and will worry less and not compare themselves with their peers.

Hope this information helps you along the way with your Curly Gurlz' healthy hair journey!  We encourage you to share your wonderful tips!  God Bless!
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  1. Great tips ladies...keep them coming! :)

  2. @ Angie
    Thanks so much for your encouragement!