Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter & Church & Hair, OH MY! (Part II)

Easter weekend was amazing!

Beautiful weather, Easter egg hunts, Church Service & Amazing Easter dinners! Now....last blog, we discussed hair and what we were going to do with their HAIR! We were both contacting each other and discussing what we wanted to do. We both didn't want to do anything too complicated, but we wanted our Curly Gurlz to shine in their dresses. You know how they get when they wear their fluffy dresses, hold the cute purse, little shoes that are adorned with flowers & rhinestones, their tiny finger nails brighten up with pastel colors, and their hairs are on point! So this is what we came up with for the Easter weekend.

Over here in Metro Atlanta (Georgia), for MadiMelzCurlz (Sdestra), I went with a simple updo and a twisted bun adorned with a pink flower to match her dress. We went to church Sunday morning and walked out feeling blessed of course!

Later that afternoon, we went over a family friend's home for an Easter Egg hunt with her hair still styled in that high twisted bun style.  She enjoyed her afternoon with friends, activities, running to get the most eggs, food and especially the candy!

The twisted bun didn't take long to put together at all.  With a high ponytail, twists, hair pins and a scarf to keep the hair looking neat and sharp, it was as simple and as classy as I was hoping for it to be.  She thought it was cute and became more "princess" like...lol.  And of course the many compliments and questions of how I did her hair and where I got her flower (hair candy from).  And I was even stalking some mothers about their daughters' hairs!!!

Check out the video for more details
MadiMelzCurlz' Easter Hair Video

Here in the Charlotte area (North Carolina), the weather was gorgeous all weekend. The kids attended Easter Parties & Egg Hunts at school. They made crafts, took pictures, played games and ate tons of candy. After those festivities, I made sure we shifted our focus to the real meaning of the holiday. The ultimate sacrifice God gave us through HIS son Jesus was what it was all about. The children were so excited about their dresses, hair and accessories but they didn't cease to thank God for HIS son Jesus. They became teary eyed while thinking about how Christ died for our sins. They rejoiced in knowing that he rose again! 

So, Resurrection Sunday was finally here!!! I chose to do an updo for the girls because of the humidity that morning. We used Flexirods for the first time to create both of their styles. Here is how JoifulzCurlz wore her hair...

I chose to put her curls up in a high pony/puff with a few simple curls hanging in the front.  They had hats also but they chose not to wear them because they didn't want to mess up their hair...lol. 

AngelzCurlz wore a similar style but I chose to cornrow the front of her hair as she tends to be a little more energetic :). This style went perfectly with her dress and they both received a ton of compliments which they proudly accepted!
Here is a picture of AngelzCurlz in her dress.  And here is a picture of her hair close up.  I decided to put her flexirod curls into a high side pony with a few curls hanging to the side.  She felt like a little princess :).  Our wonderful day ended with a delicious home cooked meal, prepared my ME!  After eating, we all enjoyed some much needed quality time together as a family.  Thank You God for your son JESUS!  Check out their video for more details:JoifulzCurlz & AngelzCurlz' Easter Hair Video                                                


  1. All of the children looked so lovely! I love the updos and curls! Im glad everyone enjoyed their Easter and still remembered the reason for the season :)


  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. We really appreciate the compliments and the support. It is really important for the girls to not just have fun but to have a complete understanding of the real meaning of Easter/Resurrection. We are happy that they were able to embrace both :)