Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter & Church & Hair, OH MY! (Part I)

Greetings Beautiful Ladies!
This is the time to celebrate the life of Christ, how he died for our sins and rose from the dead. Then there are the Easter egg hunts, the Easter parties, the Easter candies, the Easter dresses & shoes....and the EASTER HAIR! Easter seems to be one of the occassions where we go "ALL OUT" on the hairstyles for ourselves and our little Curly Gurlz. Our clothes have to look prestine, shoes too hot to trott, the colors must be sharp and the family has to compliment each other while walking up the stairs to church. So what are your plans for styling your Curly Gurl'z hair?
We tend to try to think outside of the box. But keep in mind, don't make it too complicated. Look for some ideas or inspirations. If you're limited with what you can do as far as styling, there are hair accessories such as flowers, hats and other head adornments that can enhance the beauty of the hair. Braid outs, Flat twists, buns (high, low), twists, cornrows, blow outs, curls galore, a combo of styles such as a bun at the top with curls in the back....
We are still working on what we're doing for our Curly Gurlz' Hairs for the Easter Weekend....but eventually we'll come up with a style, either early or at the last minute during times of desperation! Don't let that happen to you!

Around the Easter Weekend, we'll share with you what we did in "Easter & Church & Hair, OH MY! Part II". It will consist of what we did to make our Curly Gurlz shine on Easter Sunday and during the weekend of activities, so stay tuned! And please share too!

So what are you doing with your Curly Gurl(z) Easter Weekend?

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