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Tedious/Intricate Hairstyles: Experience, Tips & Distractions

Blogger Post from Sdestra (featuring MadiMelzCurlz)

My daughter, MadiMelz kept complaining while I did her hair at one point (a few years back...she still complains but not much) due to length of time it takes to style her hair.  This is when I want to be adventurous and do tiny twists, braids or a combo.  I like to wash, untwist, detangle, unbraid, rebraid and retwist her hair to last another 10  And between the washes, I would style the twists too to keep them looking fresh.  As much as she loves the end result of her hair style...she hates the process at times.  It even came to a point where she complained about having too much hair!

She said, "Mommy...I have too much hair, can you please cut it?"  I looked at her and thought to myself...all that hard work isn't going any where and do you know how many people would love to have as much hair as you do!!!  But I was not going to burden her with that...she's young and at that age, the world somewhat revolves around them.  All she knows is that it takes long to do her hair.  But for me, it's priceless because I can make the styles last for 2-3 weeks.  Brush here, gel here, moisturize there, wash on this day, throw on a scarf and voila!

When I want to do detailed styles, I dedicate a day for it...that's right...a day.  So I can break up the times I do her hair.  That also helps me in the process because I have a baby boy who is a bundle of demands with a strong personality...I wonder where he got that from?
I started playing movies for MadiMelz, sometimes have her read a book to her baby brother, she plays games on her DS and sometimes she falls asleep and that's when I go for the kill and do it all.

What I felt was not fair to myself was when I had an image of a style I wanted to do for a particular event, I set myself up for disappointment.  Especially when time runs out on me or I let time run out on me...whichever it is, time is a factor.  If we plan on going somewhere, I have to be realistic and do a quick style on her hair if I haven't had a chance to twist, braid and all that other good stuff too.  Just keep it simple and cute which I'm getting the hang of.  Here are the repercussions if you try to do the hair in intricate and tedious styles especially if you have a small window to do it to prepare for any event.

-You get very impatient
-Your blood pressure rises
-In turn, your voice rises because your Curly Gurl will not sit still
-You get flusterred
-The style doesn't come out the way you invisioned
-You are subconsciously being a little rough with the hair
-You're rushing and keep watching the, it will keep going without you...
-Your Curly Gurl feeds off that energy and doesn't cooperate
-Your Curly Gurlz complaints are becoming annoying just because you're in a different mind frame
-When you're done, not only that you aren't happy with the style...but you are ripping and running to get yourself ready and yelling at everyone else like it's their

I'm not saying I do all of these things...but I can imagine what it can be like in some instances,

For BlessedMomOf3 and I,
These tips help us when it comes to detailed/tedious hairstyling of our Curly Gurlz:

~Watching a favorite TV show or movie
~Prepare their favorite snacks
~Allow them to play a game on a handheld device (DS, Leapster, Your cell phone with fun apps)
~Place a variety of their favorite books in front of them for their reading pleasure
~Allow them to play educational games or watch child appropriate shows on your laptop
~If they have an older sibling, allow them to play a card game or board game together
~Offer them 2-5 minute breaks every half hour or so
~Or dedicate a day (if possible) to do the hair and break it up to make it work around other things that need to be done.

What tips can you share that has helped you?  Believe me, the best feeling is to get that hair done and have it last a few weeks is priceless!

Thanks for reading!


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